Consumer Debt Relief Program Information: What Kinds of Debts Can Consumers Get Help For?

Debt relief companies have been around for many decades in one form or another. Since there are so many frauds out there, you should always be careful when obtaining assistance from the “experts.” Sure, you might find a legitimate consumer debt relief program that charges fees, but you need to take the time to research that company and evaluate your own options to determine if it offers the right services for you.

There are numerous ways to deal with debt, including some DIY methods, but many people find themselves to be so tied up in their debts that they just want a company to help them get everything organized. If you feel that you are really behind on many payments and don’t know what to do, then it makes sense to just seek help from a company that does know how to help you get back on your feet again.

If your debts mostly involve credit cards, then it should be easier to get some relief. Here are the types of debts that relief programs usually offer to consumers:

• All major credit cards (MC, Discover, Visa, AMEX, etc.)

• Department store cards (PayPal, GAP, Sears, Walmart, etc.)

• Gas cards

• Most bank loans from prior banks

• Unsecured personal loans

• Installment loans

• Bad rent (if you are no longer the resident)

• Business debts (if the business has already closed down)

• Old cell phone bills (not current)

Consumer Debt Relief Program Consultation

Not every single one of these is going to be offered by every single consumer debt relief program, and some companies might even be able to help you with more.

When getting a free consultation, the company should let you know which option(s) might be best for you. For instance, a consolidation loan is usually a good idea for those who will benefit from just paying one, single bill each month instead of dozens, even though the interest on the consolidation loan itself might not be low.

Credit counseling is almost always a good idea, since you’ll have a professional who can advise you on the best way to handle your particular credit problems. If the creditors find out that you have enrolled in a counseling, management, or repayment plan, they might be willing to give you a bit of a break. However, your credit score might take a hit.

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Debt Relief Help Summary: A Look at Some of Your Options, Including Bankruptcy and Debt Management

Families struggling to pay bills and experiencing financial troubles can only recover if they take action as soon as possible and hire the right firm to help them get better organized. Getting debt relief help doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are plenty of options available, ranging from negotiation and settlement to bankruptcy.

There is not a one way path to achieving financial freedom. What might be right for one family might not be right for another. What you must do is fill out a quick form to get a free consultation from a reliable debt relief organization. They shouldn’t charge you anything until they’ve taken a look at your information to determine what the best course of action would be for your circumstances.

These types of firms cannot help you with every type of debt. The services are primarily intended for credit card debts, personal loans, some business debts, medical bills, and back taxes. Debts that usually can’t be helped with include home loans, utility bills, lawsuits, child support, and government loans.

Depending on the severity of your situation, the best debt relief help you can get might actually be bankruptcy. It will destroy your credit score and stay on your report for several years, but if you already deeply in debt and way behind on all of your payments anyway, your credit report is likely already ruined, or about to be.

Debt Relief Help With Consolidation

There is also consolidation of debt, which might be ideal for you if you just need better organization with your monthly payments. If you are confident that you have enough money to keep up with just one monthly payment on a consolidation loan, then this option is worth looking into. However, make sure that the monthly payments and interest rates you’ll be paying will be lower overall than what you are currently paying. There might be a temporary negative effect on your credit report, but it should pick back up again after you start getting things in order and making your monthly payment on time.

Debt management is another good option. It involves enrollment in a program that will give you all of the debt counseling you’ll need. The funds will be handled by the company as they will consolidate your debts and pay off the creditors on your behalf. You’ll be expected to fund an account specifically for this purpose. The company might also be able to assist you in lowering the interest rate, and work out something with the creditors to reduce the outstanding balance.

These are just some of the best options available when seeking debt relief help from organizations such as CuraDebt. It’s a top rated, highly recommended company that has won numerous awards. You can get a free estimate and consultation from CuraDebt right now.

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